Paperwing is the Swedish artist and producer Jenny Soovik (formerly I Grow Paper Wings).


In the rainy, windswept port town of Gothenburg, Sweden, Jenny grew up in a musical family. With both parents working as professional musicians, the music was always there in her home, a constant being in life and family. At first, Jenny set out to be a world class trombone player, spending a few years studying jazzmusic. But the love of singing brought her to the University of Music in Gothenburg, and eventually to the creation of her own music as an artist and composer. With inspirations like Björk, Little Dragon and Robyn, Jenny set out to become her own producer as well, learning what she needed to be able to maintain control of her own music. Blending experiences from her wide musical history, Jenny creates songs inside and outside the world of alternative and ambient dream-pop.

Label: Ninetone Records

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Mini-epic dream pop from Sweden | | @paperwingofficial