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A sentient musical performance

String Fling - premiere 07.09.23 at the Gothenburg Grand Theatre

"Brilliant. Paperwings' music drama performance 'String Fling' is magnificent from start to finish...

Concert of the year? Definitely."

- Kai Martin

"Extremely creative artist captivates with a spectacular live version of String Fling...

Judging by String Fling, Jenny Soovik has a remarkable talent for composing genre-crossing works whose power enchants."

- Mats Hallberg, Kulturbloggen

About "String Fling"

"I prepare myself for the unknown. Something different. Out of the safely ordinary and into the extraordinary. Something dramatic, rebellious. Perhaps a bit too much? Or is it actually too little? What is just right, and do I even want to be just right?

I let myself be struck, seduced, flung into the music. I fly freely through time and space, from the small to the vast, in joy and sorrow, hope and despair. Suddenly, I find myself on the other side, perhaps completely transformed?"

Paperwing String Fling is about casting away the old, embracing one's darkness and finding your light. Inspired by a time of rebellion and drama, artist Paperwing creates a resonant narrative that touches the innermost parts of us all. Voice and strings unite with light, movement, and electronic atmospheres. Marie Antoinette in a whole new way.

It's a string fling. It's something else.


Jenny Soovik - vocals, composition & direction
Adrian Littwold - violin
Annie Svedlund - violin
Klara Angawa - viola
Gabriel Garcia - cello
Kim Nkoubou - synths
Jonathan Albrektson - synths
Malin Almgren - drums
Xenia Kriisin - costume
Liza Penkova - choreography
Kim Engdahl - hair & makeup
Joakim Augustsson - lighting design
Zimon Holmberg - sound design


Linda Blomgren

Mio Delibaltas

Sandra Krantz

Agnes Stålhammar

Jeppe K Rasmussen

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