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A sentient musical performance.

"I'm getting ready for something unknown. Something else. Moving away from the comfort of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, the dramatic, the rebellious. Is it a bit too much? Or perhaps not enough? What is just enough, and is that even something I want to be?  I'm letting myself be moved, swept off, seduced, overwhelmed by music. As I fly through space and time, through joy and sorrow, hope and despair, love and heartbreak - a transformation takes place. I emerge, somewhere on the other side, completely changed."

Paperwing String Fling is a story about letting go, about embracing your inner darkness and finding your light. Inspired by a time period that stands for uprising and dramatic expressions, Paperwing creates a striking musical performance that touches upon the very essence of our inner selves. Vocals and strings blend with light, movement and electronic atmospheres. Marie-Antoinette in a completely new way.

It’s a string fling. It’s something else.


Jenny Soovik - vocalist, composer & director

Adrian Littwold  - violin

Annie Svedlund - violin

Leo Lövsén - viola

Gabriel Garcia - cello

Kim Nkoubou - synthesizers

Jonathan Albrektson - synthesizers

Malin Almgren - drums & percussion

Xenia Kriisin - costume

Liza Penkova - choreography

Joakim Augustsson - light design

Zimon Holmberg - sound design

Pre-listen to the album:

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